Hughes Family DentalWe appreciate all new patients and families in our practice! The most important thing to know about your first visit, is that before we begin any treatment, we will make sure you are completely at ease and we will explain every step throughout your appointment.

Please be prepared to complete all health and insurance forms via the patient portal before your first visit.

Please bring any dental insurance information with you, as well as a list of any medications you are taking.


Plan on your first visit taking 60-70 minutes. You will always see the doctor and dental hygienist for the comprehensive exam and dental cleaning.

We will obtain any necessary radiographs; perform a complete exam assessing teeth, gums, and all tissues of the mouth; perform an oral cancer screening; and clean/polish your teeth. Sometimes, a second visit is necessary for patients with periodontal disease. At this visit we perform a deep cleaning where we “numb the gums” before cleaning, for patient comfort.

At the end of the first visit, we sit down with you and form a comprehensive treatment plan to obtain optimal oral health. We will also gladly answer any and all questions you may have.


We welcome and love seeing children in our practice!

Very First Visit to Dentist (Usually between age 1-4)
We see patients as young as 1 year old, but most first visits to our office are at age 3. The first visit is all about getting your child comfortable with going to the dentist, so they can develop a lifetime of good dental health. We welcome the parents to come into our treatment rooms with the child, and have the child sit in the parent’s lap for this first visit. We keep this first visit short and simple (usually 15-30 minutes). We count the teeth, look for sugarbugs, and shine the child’s teeth either with a regular toothbrush or our “tickly” brush. There’s always a goodie bag and trip to the treasure chest at the end of this visit. It is then ideal to bring your child back every 6 months for an exam and cleaning, this keeps them comfortable with the dentist and allows any dental problems to be caught early.

Click here to view our tips for your child’s first dental visit.

Children Age 5 and up
These visits are similar to adult visits, but usually take between 30-45 minutes. Your child will be seen by the dentist and dental hygienist. We obtain first radiographs at age 5 to assess growth and development. The dental exam evaluates teeth, gums, soft tissue, growth and development, and oral hygiene. We always polish the teeth and discuss proper home care with the children. And of course, we offer a prize from the treasure chest, unless they declare themselves too big for treasures!