Dr. Hughes is a proud 2016 participant in The Smiles For Life Campaign.


You whiten your teeth=100% of money goes to charity. Dr. Hughes and team are donating the time and materials for whitening, and Opalescence donates the whitening product. You write your check to “Smiles for Life,” and you receive a receipt for a charitable contribution. You leave with a happy, white, bright smile!


Smiles for Life Foundation is a charitable organization, who gives 100% of the money raised to help seriously ill, disabled, and underprivileged children in their local communities and around the world. Since 1998, the Smiles for Life Foundation has raised over $36 million, benefiting hundreds of children’s charities. Participating children’s charities include Children’s Miracle Network, Children of Romania, St. Jude Children’s Hospital, CURE (in Cambodia), Smiles For Hope, and the Kids Cancer Care Foundation.

*If you are a current patient of Dr. Hughes with good oral health, call to schedule a simple 5 minute appointment for upper and lower impressions for Take-Home Whitening. Or schedule 1 1/2 hours for In-Office Whitening. ***These two types of whitening are described in detail below and in the videos.
*If you are not a current patient, we would be happy to schedule you an exam and cleaning and then take impressions. We have to make sure your teeth are healthy before we are able to whiten them. We will also accept a letter from your current dentist that states you are free from cavities and periodontal disease.

The Custom Take-Home Whitening method is very easy. An impression is taken of your mouth and we fabricate a small, comfortable, clear tray to fit your teeth exactly. You then wear the tray for 1-2 hours for 2 weeks to achieve your whitest shade. You will then also periodically touch-up your teeth to maintain the shade. This procedure is reduced to $100 during the Smiles for Life Campaign.

The In-Office Whitening procedure typically takes 1 ½ hours to achieve your whitest shade. You can read, watch TV, or listen to music during this painless easy process. You are also given touch-up gel and custom trays to keep your teeth at this shade. This procedure will be reduced to $200 during the Smiles for Life Campaign.


Nothing helps you look or feel younger than a beautiful, healthy smile, it’s a huge boost to your professional and social life! And nothing is easier, or makes a more dramatic, immediate improvement in your smile than teeth whitening. Now is the perfect time to whiten teeth and make a difference at the same time! EVERYBODY WINS! When you whiten teeth with a dentist participating in Smiles For Life, you save money and get a bright, beautiful smile. Kids get the money. And, both you, your dentist, the the entire dental team feel satisfaction in knowing that the donations put smiles on the faces of many needy children.